Recreational Fire Guidelines

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It's that time of year when many of us like to sit outside around a fire. The City has established guidelines.

Recreational Fire Information for the City of Herington

  • Fire must be inside an approved fire ring, chiminea, pit, or barrel
  • Fire must be at least 10 feet from any building, vehicle, or property line
  • Fire must not be under any utility lines
  • Some sort of an extinguishing agent must be on hand at fire: fire extinguisher, bucket of water, garden hose, etc.
  • A person must be present at the fire at all times, if a person is not attending the fire it must be extinguished.
  • The owner of the property can only have a fire on his/her own property.
  • A fire is allowed during any hours of the day
  • When the owner of the fire is done with the fire, it must be extinguished completely or be held responsible for the actions if the fire is to rekindle.
  • If the fire is to burn into another property or city property the owner of the original fire is responsible for all damage cost and repairs.
  • Good judgment must be taken into consideration when having a fire. Example- Heavy Winds
  • Approved items to burn, fire wood, non treated pine lumber. No other construction materials allowed or leaves/ grass.
  • If a fire is called in for excessive smoke, a representative from the City of Herington will see if the fire needs to be extinguished, and will stay until it is.
  • For a recreational fire a permit is not required.