Ethics Commission

The purpose of the ethics commission shall be to ensure proper implementation of the code of ethics and to review and report on any and all other violations of the code of ethics.

The initial ethics commission is responsible for conducting meetings as needed and deliberating on ethical issues and rendering advisory opinions to the ethics administrator. The ethics Commission shall be composed of five members residing in the city appointed by the ad hoc Ethics Commission appointment panel. Two of the commissioners shall be appointed to serve two-year terms and shall be eligible for reappointment to one four-year term. The remaining three members of the ethics commission shall consist of the City Clerk as Human Resources Director, the City Manager, and a city resident at large who shall be appointed to serve a one single non-consecutive four-year term. All appointments thereafter shall be for a single non-consecutive four-year term. The panel shall select one member of the ethics commission to serve as chairperson of the commission for a two-year renewable term. Any action of the ethics commission shall require a quorum of three members. In selecting candidates for membership on the commission, the panel shall establish procedures relating to selection which at a minimum provide as follows:

Acceptance of letters or applications of interest from anyone.

Eliminates from consideration persons convicted of a felony or crime or moral turpitude; and

Persons appointed to the ethics commission shall be of good moral standing and reputation.

Persons appointed to the ethics commission shall have no conflicts of interest as defined in sections 1-908 and shall be broadly representative of the diverse populace of the City of Herington, Kansas.

The ethics commission shall have the powers to recommend ways to improve the ethics code to the municipal government City Commission.

The ethics commission, through the office of the municipal court, may subpoena documents and witnesses before the ethics commission or to assist the ethics administrator in the investigation and resolution of complaints.

Whenever requested by a municipal government representative, or whenever it deems it in the public interest, the ethics commission shall render advisory opinions, in writing, concerning questions of ethics, conflicts of interest, and the applicability of the code of ethics. Copies of the opinion shall be made available to the ethics administrator, and the municipal government City Commission. Such opinion may also be released to the public at the discretion of the ethics commission with such omissions as may be necessary to protect the confidence and privacy of a municipal government representative.

The ethics commission shall have the power to make recommendations to the district attorney who may initiate and investigate matters deemed appropriate.

All persons covered by the jurisdiction of the ethics commission shall receive training to include familiarization with the ethics oath, the ethics handbook, and the code of ethics and the general subject of local government ethics to be administered by the ethics administrator under the direction of the ethics commission.

All municipal government representatives, except employees, shall, in a public place, take an ethics oath to be administered by a person authorized by law to administer an oath and sign the ethics pledge.

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