City Commission Meeting Minutes

The City of Herington Governing Body consists of a Board of Commissioners as provided by the laws of Kansas for the cities of the second class having the statutory Commission-Manager form of government. The Commission choose a chairman annually and the chairman has the title of Mayor during the year of office. The Mayor is the official head on formal occasions.

All powers exercised by cities of the second class shall be exercised by the Commission as long as they do not conflict with the provisions of the statutes relating to the Commission-Manager form of government. The Commission sets policies, approves the annual budget, and appoints the City Manager. The Commission is responsible for the City Manager's efficient administration of the city's business. 

The Commission creates administrative departments as the public business may demand. No member of the Commission shall directly interfere with the conduct of any department, except at the express direction of the Commission at a regularly convened meeting of the Board of Commissioners. In the event of a catastrophe in which all, or a majority of the members of the Governing Body are fatally injured, the interim Governing Body shall be composed of the surviving members, the City Attorney, and the City Clerk.

Commission Members

Commission MemberContact NumberTerm ExpiresEmail

(785) 366-6422


(785) 366-6348


(620) 874-5152


(785) 341-2702