Tornado Siren Procedure

Severe weather season is here. Here are some quick guidelines on when the tornado sirens will sound.

Severe Weather Procedures

Our policy is when a confirmed sighting has happened within 10 miles and moving toward the City, the sirens are activated. The sirens will continue as long as they have power.                    

When the sirens sound, it means that a Tornado strike is imminent.

We do not sound an all clear with the sirens. If they are sounding, a danger persists.

There are five Tornado Sirens located in Herington. The sirens are designed to alert people that may be outside. You may not hear them inside your house. 

It would be a good idea to have a weather radio or even a battery-operated FM radio to monitor local stations.

If severe weather threatens the area, you should stay alert to possible changes. They can happen very quickly.